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Founded by parents with the help of child care providers, KidReports is the most complete and revolutionary new communications solution connecting child care providers and parents in real time. Now there's an easier way to stay connected with your kids throughout the day. Get real time notifications from our free mobile app. Know your children are safe, loved, and having fun!

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Benefits for Providers

Enhance Communication

Communicate instantly with parents throughout the day with no added effort!

Streamlined Teacher Workflow

Using KidReports is quick and easy. Teachers love our time-saving features!

Provide Peace of Mind

Send photos, videos or messages to your parents' smartphones or email. Let them see what's going on!

Improved Admin Controls

Customize what you want to report, take attendance and better manage your centers and data.

Easy Storage and Access

All data is securely stored in the cloud. Access and search for any data you want in seconds!

No More Paper

Parents don't want it and it saves you money. Plus you Go Green!

Benefits for Parents

Choose How to Stay in Touch

Get emails, smartphone notifications, texts or simply log in online. Or choose all of them!

Choose How Often You Hear

Want to know everything when it happens or do you just want the daily report? Your choice.

Stay Connected on the Go

Download our free app and stay in contact on the go. You're always connected!


With KidReports, you stay connected when you can't be there. You now know your little one is okay.

Keep Track of Trends

Access all historical data through your profile. Search by dates and/or activities. It's all there.

Use KidReports at Home

That's right, parents can use KidReports also. Save and manage your kid's activities in the same place.

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Founded in 2011, KidReports aims to connect parents and children like never before.

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